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800 x 600
1024 x 768

A Life of Saturdays
Includes the hit song Leaving Town and their new single,
My Madonna!

$ 21.33 CAD
$ 13.49 USD
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through CDNow!

San Antonio, TX
Saturday, September 22

Austin, TX
Friday, September 28

Thanks for visiting the DFonline! This site is dedicated to the very talented Dexter Freebish. If you have any suggestions, comments or inquiries, please don't hesitate to send me an email at or


Hi!!! My name is Blaine... and I thought I'd introduce myself to all you Dexter Freebish fans out there.... i live in Livingston Texas (pretty close to Houston), and I've got a band named Cardboard Justice and we started covering Leaving Town a while back... and i became a BIG fan of DF and started tabbing out some stuff recently, which is how I met Matt, and now here i am! Exciting huh? Well i have a lot of plans... you'll be seeing a few more tabs... (my drummer's working on some drum stuff currently), and I'm just really excited about this... so y'know... we'll see what happens!

New Co-Webmaster!

Hey everyone, I would like to introduce the newest crew on DFonline! Because I've been so hectic with so much work, I have not much time set aside to inform you fans with the latest info, I decided to get so help; so with no further ado, I would like to introduce Blaine-- thee person who brought you all our Bass tabs for Leaving Town! DFonlines welcome you, Blaine. If anyone has any contributions, please don't hesitate to give us an email;

DFonline Question

Hey all DF fans! Well, the webmaster is wondering about what kind of stuff or information you would like to see on this site. Send me your insults, kudos, comments, suggestions, questions, WHATEVER, okay? Send them to or

New Leaving Town Bass Tabs!

Yes everyone! DFonline now has bass tabs for DF's smash hit, Leaving Town! Check it out on our Guitar Tabs Page!

A Wicked DF Site!

Hey everyone! Here's a fab site for all of you! It's from MusicHead -- providing DF fans with the latest information. Includes great pix, contests, and an exclusive interview with Scott and Rob! 'Nuff said! Check it out at

Dexter Freebish Tour Dates

Here's an updated list of where DF will be heading to ynext:

May 08 - Columbus, GA - Bradley Theatre
May 09 - Tallahassee, FL - Floyd's Music Store
May 11 - Tampa, FL - Frankie's Patio
May 12 - Dallas, TX - Smirnoff Music Centre
May 13 - Dallas, TX - West End Entertainment District
May 16 - Johnson City, TN - The Casbah
May 17 - Parkersburg, PA - Parkersburg Activity Center
May 18 - Burgettstown, PA - Star Lake
May 22 - Chattanooga, TN - The Bay
May 23 - Charlotte, NC - Amos' South End
May 25 - Norfolk, VA - Town Point Park
May 26 - Surfside Beach, SC - Surfside's Nightlife
May 27 - Anderson, SC - Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center
May 29 - Meridian, MS - Lauderdale County Agra Center
May 31 - Charleston, SC - Piccolo Spoleto Festival

A Cruise With Dexter Freebish?

Yes, go cruising with Dexter Freebish and Sister Hazel on the Labour Day weekend at the Carnival Jubilee The cruise runs from Thursday, August 30th - Monday, September 3rd It starts from Tampa, FL and cruises to Cozumel, Mexico with a stop in Key West. The Cruise will include a meet & greet and a private concert on the ship featuring both bands. For more information, click here.

DF Tour Dates
Here is where DF will be heading for the month of April:

San Bernardino CA Houston TX
April 12 April 21
San Francisco CA Austin TX
April 13 April 22
Santa Cruz CA San Antonio TX
April 14 April 27
Los Angeles CA Charlotte NC
April 17 April 28
Columbia SC
April 19

Dexter Freebish's next single

Yes, Dexter Freebish has a new single released and is now playing on airwaves across North America!  The single is My Madonna from their smash hit album Life of Saturdays!  Request it to your local radio stations now!

DFonline is fully running!

Yes, it's time!  Dexter Freebish Online is finally up and running (well, except for multimedia bit that will take a while)  So check out the lyrics and guitar tabs, alright?  News and tour dates will be updated as they become available.  Oh yeah, remember to request, Leaving Town!  Vote for them on TRL in the United States, MMMtop5 in Anglophone Canada and in Francophone Canada.

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Pictures have been uploaded
Check out the pictures I have uploaded to the site!  There are pictures of the group and some individuals, too!
Check it out here: DFonline Picture Gallery

Welcome to Dexter Freebish Online!

Welcome to the newly uploaded Dexter Freebish Online!  Not much has been uploaded but do check out their discography and biography.  I hope to have the other pages like pictures, multimedia, interaction uploaded next week.  So stay tuned to the site for more


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